• The Thing that Inspires

    The Thing that Inspires

    Lest we forget the fuel by which the fire burns.

  • Support is Sexy

    Support is Sexy

    Not to mention, he is a really great writer, and that is something that I can judge haha. Wonder who that special guest is going to be? Hmmm.

  • You can’t fire a broken arrow

    You can’t fire a broken arrow

    but you can fix it. ​

  • I like me a trip to the Cheese Factory…

    I like me a trip to the Cheese Factory…

    You heard me right. A trip to the good ole cheese factory. Now you see here, I live in a city alright. Ferns and dirt roads, whitetail deer, and pheasants dot the landscape. Sure, we have skyscrapers, and they are hundreds of years old. Traffic? Galore. Sometimes, the line to get through our one-horse town……

  • Droplets from the Monstera

    Droplets from the Monstera

    It’s been a dream to move here. 3,681 miles/ 592 km from my origin – just past the equator, nestled comfortably in the North Pacific. The orchids teeming with small insects darting between plants parrying the aerial assault of thumb-sized insects and coil-tongued reptiles. Birdsong sounds different here in the jungle. It has more body…

  • Two hours per day

    Two hours per day

    How do You manage screen time for yourself? It is recommended that the average adult only spend two hours a day on their phones/ on screens. This is to say, that this is only for non-work and non-pressing matters. Think of it as two hours of recreational time to spend on screens. I try to…

  • Cocoa Powder

    Cocoa Powder

    Cocoa PowderBy Arwen-Wynter Oakley 2023 Do you remember? When the common gift that was given to in-laws and acquaintances was a homemade mason jar of hot cocoa. As children – we were ecstatic to see that jar. That sweet jar of brown with white swirls spiraling around the chocolate. “Oh! It is so bitter!” “Very!…

  • Nantucket Harbor

    Nantucket Harbor

    Nantucket Harbor By Arwen-Wynter Oakley 2023 I tossed a penny into the harbor because mom said it would ensure a safe return. She didn’t throw one, too. I didn’t particularly want to return to Nantucket; I don’t like sand or the people, I don’t like salt or the weather, and I don’t like the ocean.…

  • This was already asked before so,

    This was already asked before so,

    here is something a little different. If there was one decision in your life that you could change, what would it be? I wish I could have pushed through my anxiety and fear during my sophomore year of college instead of leaving the university with F’s in every class. I gave up. Plain and simple.…

  • Going home to

    Going home to

    Or that’s what I’m being told.