I want you to know that I am…

orange purple green and white flowers decor

weird before you find out that I am weird.

I take a massive amount of pride in my “weirdness”. I am not one of those people that has to go out of their way to maintain my weirdness. It’s natural. I need not the apparel, the hair, the aesthetic… it all comes bundled with the OG version of me.

multicolored butterflies taxidermy
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I like angler fish and hairless cats. I dream of ginormous reptiles, and sizable spiders. I like to hike and lift heavy weights, but I also appreciate the delicate arts of crochet and embroidery. I love drying flowers and studying wildlife as much as I enjoy trudging through soggy bogs and dusty trails. Give me a handful of bugs and I am just as happy if it were a floral bouquet. Ok… I might be happier with the bugs…

orange purple green and white flowers decor
Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on Pexels.com

I love all people. I have no standards when it comes to acceptance (that’s a lie). I have zero time for bigotry and even less space for them. If I find you to be a bigot in any way, I have no qualms breaking off our friendship. I do not associate with people who are bigoted or unkind. That is how I maintain a healthy circle of friends, and a non-toxic environment for all involved.

This applies to my writing as well. When I write, I include all types of people as my characters. They are multi-cultural by nature, but not by force. I do not force multi-culturalism in my writing. It is natural. Being kind and recognizing others’ differences and unique traits is innate.

Some of my favorite characters to write, and read, are those that possess quirks. It almost seems cliche nowadays to include eclectic characters, because everyone wants to have the original character with quirks galore. I guess the difference between my character and their character… I never had to try.

Whether it’s writing or being the character, I have never had to try to be weird. That is who I am… enjoy.

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