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person holds space gray iphone x
person holds space gray iphone x
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It is recommended that the average adult only spend two hours a day on their phones/ on screens. This is to say, that this is only for non-work and non-pressing matters. Think of it as two hours of recreational time to spend on screens.

I try to limit my screen time, but let’s be real here, everyone struggles with it – not just me. However, I have placed several rules in place to manage my screen time unconsciously.

I put my phone to the side anytime I am writing, blogging, or working. Even if it is on my desk – it must be face down. I also keep it on work mode so that I don’t receive any unnecessary distractions. If I can eliminate a distraction, believe me, I am all over that idea.

I use my phone as a Pomodoro timer with a locked screen. This means that I am unable to exit the timer (without a password). This keeps me focused, and as it is a Pomodoro timer, I continue working for the time that I have set it to. Thus, I am more concerned about staying focused that I am about anything else going on at that moment.

Another example of something that I do to limit screen time is to spend as much time doing other things that anything requiring my attention on a screen. Things like, crocheting, going outside, playing with the cats, drawing, or reading. If I give myself more non-screen things to do, then I am less likely to use my time scrolling through apps.

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