Any that allow me to learn more…

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about everything. I am not one of those people who are limited to a single set of interests. I love to learn about all things. Mostly the weird things, but I digress.

adult blur business close up
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We’ve covered in this blog so far – my obsession with deep holes, ocean creatures, internal creatures, mycology, philosophy, genre studies, journalism, traveling, self-help, publishing a book, making friends, learning how to regulate oneself and others, leading and pioneering, quantum physics, ecology, astrology, religions, political bullshit, cats, CATS, creepy places, remote places, weird places, facts-facts-facts, and more. I mean honestly, I don’t believe that there is something that I don’t want to learn about in one way or another.

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I love search engines. Who doesn’t? Without them, we would be back to the days of searching through the rolodex to find the correct Dewey-decimal listing to find the book about Toads or whatever you are looking for. It was time consuming and very frustrating as the Dewey Decimal system was not for the faint of heart. It could take hours to find the book you are looking for and even if you do – it isn’t there! Why? They grow legs and find new homes. That’s why.

I am a ChatGPT user. I don’t use it to write, but boy is it fun to use as a learning tool. Obviously, it is important to check the information to be sure that it is factual, but for learning new things swiftly – it is my favorite.

A few other websites that I love are:

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