Learning to write as a writer is…

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not what you think.

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Writing is as simple as putting words to a page, regardless of the method. Anyone can write. The difference is, those that write to write and those who write to create. One might argue that writers who are authors are true writers, or perhaps only those that received schooling and training are writers.

The truth is anyone can be a writer. I say that not to repeat myself, but it is the truth.

Personally, my distinction is this, if you are a writer for the sole purpose of creating something with words – something new and untold or a new world for others to break ground – you are a writer. If you are only writing to write something – you are a writer.

Wait… you just repeated yourself.

I know.

I don’t think it is fair to force distinctions on people. A person writing a poem to their crush – only to hide it away in a book – is just as much a writer as someone composing a speech for royalty. Both have a purpose. A creative purpose.

Writing is creation, and as my good friend says, “we create every day.”

What we create is up to us, but we are responsible for smithing our words to communicate, tidying a house to make it clean, thinking, and existing. Thoughts are creation. You are creation. We are all created. Whether it is in a spiritual or scientific way – we are all a creation. Our actions beyond the basic idea are more creations. Everyone is uniquely creating their own life.

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I thought his comment was very insightful and full of vulnerable honesty. As writers, we want to believe that we have been bequeathed with a magic quill in the mind, the idea that we have been chosen to bear the title of Wordsmith. We want to believe that we are a special group of creatives.

We are not. We just took our writing seriously like someone takes chess seriously and went professional.
*That is far more likely than becoming a successful writer which is .00295% compared to .00443%

Sure, I have had almost 12 collective years of training in the writing field – from publishing to theory, I have a lot of experience in where writing came from, the different ages of writing, classic and contemporary literature, genre writing, and classes in niches such as horror writing, global genre writing, and more. Other writers simply write from the heart rather than from their training. Authors do both, as do creatives.

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All in all, what I am trying to say is. Learning how to write is as simple as putting words to a page repetitiously. You need not have written novels.

Anyone can create and write – even you.

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  1. Thank for for this fantastic quality post! I can tell you put yourself into it and at the end of the day that’s why we all write isn’t it? You’re a wonderful writer and who you are as a person seems to shine through your work. Keep shining bright, and thank you for your contribution to the world! Keep it up, I know you sure inspired me to continue along my path too!

    1. Oh my goodness, thank you so much. I really appreciate your kind words. I am so happy that you were inspired, I love helping others achieve what they truly want in life. I deeply hope that you achieve your goals and dreams 🙂

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