He reminds me of

Stonewall Jackson.

Only in appearance. To describe his personality will take a bit, so find a soft spot on the floor and gaze up with childlike wonder. I am about to introduce you to an Enigma.

No, no! Not that Enigma, this enigma!

Oh, trust me, this person fills both of those categories.

My Grandfather: Stonewall Jackson

side view of an elderly man s face
Photo by cottonbro studio on Pexels.com

Years of sun have etched his winter face, each line a chapter of his outdoor odyssey, reminiscent of Stonewall Jackson’s steely determination. His wiry gray beard is a forest for sweat droplets, occasionally clinging like secrets before they fall like autumn leaves. His plaid shirt is the banner of his woodsman’s spirit, while loose jeans and sneakers bear the stories of countless paths taken. A faded fish t-shirt is his tribute to the water’s bounty, and a trucker cap crowns his outdoor attire like a noble emblem.

man walking in autumn forest
Photo by Chris F on Pexels.com

His humor is a riddle known only to him, like a dialect of laughter that baffles the uninitiated. He’s a dawn’s sentinel, perched in a tree stand, waiting for the elusive moment when the right deer appears, a rare poetic interlude in nature’s grand opera.

The outdoors is his canvas, and he’s an artist of the earth, crafting landscapes with hands that carry the scars of toil. His blue eyes mirror tranquil lakes, reflecting an introspective soul. In this verdant haven, he contemplates the mysteries of life.

elderly couple with a dog in a gondola
Photo by AINNEK_HA on Pexels.com

Yet, there’s an enigmatic aspect to him. He often spends hours gazing through the patio door, reminiscent of Stonewall Jackson’s intense focus on the battlefield, watching for something, though nobody knows exactly what. It’s a mysterious vigil that adds another layer to his already complex character. In his plaid armor, he’s a man of many enigmatic facets, a captivating blend of nature’s grace and the complexities of his own character.

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  1. Very nice!

    1. Thank you! See, I do love him hahaha

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