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dirt road cover by dried leaves

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dirt road cover by dried leaves
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There is a phenomenon that occurs here in the North roughly every mid-to-late October. The leaves. They change colors as the weather gets colder.

"It was the autumn of 1991 in a remote area of the Tionesta National Forest. Light pierced through the holes in the canopy where leaves had already fallen to their predestined fate -to rot."
by Arwen-Wynter Oakley

When I was younger, I spent a lot of time playing in the leaves – making piles three times my height. The oak trees in our woods were very generous with their Autumn gift. Providing us plenty of fun and excitement.

It fascinates me that the death of the leaves provides endless entertainment for children, and adults if you are like me. It is a part of the earth that mother nature has let go of for the time being. Providing us with yet more entertainment. Not that it is the purpose of the leaves to be a source of fun. It isn’t. It is just an interesting thought to mull. Regardless of what season it is – the earth provides what we need if we are patient and kind to it.

Possibly this is the reason for our global climate crises. Humankind has not provided kindness for our planet. We have got in the opposite direction for planetary salvation. Rather, we are destroying the very thing that maintains our lives and gives us the ability to live in the vast nothingness of the universe.

That doesn’t seem very intuitive for being the most intelligent species on earth… I mean, it’s possible right? We could be, even by a little.

I try to do my best to impact the environment as much as possible, but with several health conditions, it makes it difficult. Everything in the medical industry is almost 1-use-only. This includes reusable cups. They will throw them away even if you never touched them during your stay. Any packaged item is single use. I mean for the patient too! Sometimes, I am given a test or similar and everything that they used for that test is now contaminated and no longer reusable. This includes EKG stickies, grippy socks, towels or washcloths, and I am sure I am missing other things that are slipping my mind.

Not to mention, at home. My tube feed formula comes in small 237ml cartons. I use four a day. As well as a new reservoir bag. This is five pieces of trash every morning. Don’t get me started on IV supplies. I have more saline in my closet than the ocean in its waters. More heparin than an infusion center. I have catheters literally up to my ears (three pieces of trash every use. I use 4-8 a day). Anyone need gauze? Tape? I’ve got 90.

Returning to the tracks – my train took a sideroad. Disregarding the waste that I cannot cut down on, I do my best to prevent extra dishes that don’t need to be used and if they need washed, I hand wash them rather than fill the dishwasher with a silly amount of dishes.

It’s easy once you get started on the sustainability path. It isn’t expensive if you are creative. Take care of our earth as it takes care of you.

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