3 Wishes

a gold genie lamp
Daily writing prompt
You have three magic genie wishes, what are you asking for?

If I had three wishes to use as I pleased it would be these:

  1. No person goes hungry
  2. Shelter and homes for all people
  3. More wishes to help more people

Why on earth would I make wishes that only fulfill my version of a perfect life? I already have a fine life with so many luxuries. I don’t need that, but I know millions of others do not have these basic human rights.

I have no interest in wasting such a beautiful thing on myself. If more people had this or a same attitude regarding our planet, we could make waves. However, human greed prevents this from being possible. The desire to have it all and more is why humanity is on a slippery slope. A very slippery slope.

Imagine what it would be like? What would our world be like without greed? What would our world be like with continued greed? I bet the answer to that is obvious to everyone. If not, reevaluate your life and priorities.

a gold genie lamp
Photo by Sena Shot ® on Pexels.com

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