Trees! Plants! Critters! Flowers!

What alternative career paths have you considered or are interested in?

All of the nature work! Shower me in leaves and petals haha

While my main career is being a writer, my career interests fall more into the biological realm. I find that, despite my interest in the arts, I have a vast yearning for scientific knowledge. Not that it necessarily relates to what I write, but I really enjoy learning about the deeper parts of science.

For instance, one of my friends and a fellow blogger, sent me an article talking about how nothingness is actually filled with something known as quantum foam. I found the article incredibly insightful. It gave another possibility for the question: What is nothing/ nothingness? Usually it is depicted as a sort of philosophical/ religious conundrum of existential unknowing and fear.

Space and quarks are cool and all, but my interests lie in the fields and streams. In the thickets and groves. On mountains and in gorges.

I love the living and breathing plants and creatures. There is just something about sentience in plants and trees that compels me to research them.

If I had another opportunity to study these fields 😎 I would.

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