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I wish I could have pushed through my anxiety and fear during my sophomore year of college instead of leaving the university with F’s in every class. I gave up. Plain and simple. I wasn’t focused on school. I was focused on my mental health and my ex-husband. I was jaded by our fun and adventurous life together and wanted nothing more to do with the annoying confines of academia. I wanted to have fun and feel less anxious.

people doing a group study
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That apparently meant that I needed to offload my responsibilities and instead – do fun things. They were fun, and I took those fun things and went far with them. I started playing para-ice hockey in 2014, and actually took that to the paralympic level.

That began my interest in upper-echelon sports. From there, I tried wheelchair rugby, rowing, powerlifting, and more. What I settled on though, was CrossFit; however, I not only excelled in the sport, but I formed so many close relationships with so many people. I learned that I am strong, and that I can do whatever I put my mind to.

I wouldn’t hold the title as Number 1 in the USA or number 4 in the world right now if I hadn’t done those fun things. I wouldn’t have been able to improve my health from being a measly 69 pounds to this healthy 125 pounds that I am today (thanks feeding tube).

I wouldn’t change my decision. This life has been absolutely an amazing adventure for the history books. I am a culmination of my decisions and taking any of those back might have diverted my life into a different direction.

Look forward, not in backward. Regret nothing. It is already passed.

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