I would like to move to a place that…

photo of island in the middle of ocean
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What’s the biggest risk you’d like to take — but haven’t been able to?

makes me feel healthier and happier. I used to believe that this only resided in Florida but have come to realize that happiness resides where I want it to reside.

It is in my heart and soul. Moving somewhere to find something within will only lead to furthered heartache.

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I guess, I want to move to a place where finding happiness is multitudes more prolific than where I am at now. It’s funny. I used to live in Florida, as I have mentioned. I loved it there. I was happy to wake up, and happy to go about the day even if it was a painful medical day with lots of appointments.

I loved the weather, the vibe, the people and the habitat. I feel like if I were a wild animal, I would dwell in only warm places with full-sun, year-round.

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I have thought, “the contiguous United States is not a limitation. I can live wherever I want in the world with enough effort and willpower.” Sure. I could venture beyond the boundaries of the United States. After I have a decent job, savings, and slush-money. All of those things are a far-fetched concept in my jaded mind.

photo of island in the middle of ocean
Photo by Johannes Plenio on Pexels.com

This risk is too great. I cannot afford the financial implications of moving overseas or even cross-country to a place that makes me more comfortable and able. It is a sad reality that the places we want to travel, move to, or see are blocked by a paywall. My dreams of comfort and sunshine are held behind an invisible wall with a massive price tag. It is as if I can only window-shop for my dreams.

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