It is a gift to give back

If you had a million dollars to give away, who would you give it to?

Offering what you have in excess to those who have none or little – is not only commendable but an example. Why keep all the money and spend it on oneself? The one already holding the wealth.

I would give my money to the city to develop better play areas, mental health resources, and entertainment spaces for the residents.

I live in a dying mining town. All of the entertainment spaces that once flourished, filled with happiness, play, smiles, first dates, and excitement are now just as dead as the profession.

What do people do without direction and spaces to hangout? Mental health degradation and crime are the two obvious answers.

As mental health decreases, people become more and more antsy to get out and do something to feel anything. Disparity is dangerous. Suddenly all of the rules of life seem like a distant reality.

Why behave? If no one really cares, why? Why care if nobody behaves? You get it. You know why. That tiny piece of you that knows this is wrong just doesn’t care anymore.

Without a proper mental health system – my tiny mining town’s numbers dwindle as suicide and drug use become the most effective coping mechanisms to manage their depression/ anxiety etc. we’ve lost so many people to overdoses in the past five years. I live in Appalachia and the overdose epidemic is real. Very real.

Providing money for mental health resources would be one of the most important spends. The entertainment and play areas cannot be successful until people are more level headed and able to respect the community spaces.

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