Um… quiet? Music is the rhythm

What would your life be like without music?

of all living things.

It is the cadence of the heart and the vibration of the soul.

Everything is song. The Earth itself twirls to its own tune. Bio-music, what I call the below video, is one of my favorite genres because it is the authentic sound of the environment we live and create our own variations of music within. The animals and nature around us were the first inspirations for making music, and following the creation of music, interpretations of sounds bore the first genres. Now there are interpretations of interpretations of interpretations ad infinitum.

I prefer the soft sounds of Lo-Fi and instrumentals over other types of music. I am not one for lyrics despite being a writer. I can’t focus on both music and lyrics at the same time, so I choose.

I love music that includes natural sounds and environment to enhance the song. That is why I prefer music recorded in natural amphitheaters than in recording booths.

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