I used my air-fryer to make a…

Write about your most epic baking or cooking fail.

cake, and it was a Nailed It! style of failure.

Here is the result:

Hey, it wasn’t pretty, but it tasted like cake!

Ironically, I actually love cooking. One of my favorite things to cook is actually stirfry. Whenever I lived in Florida, the only thing that I really ate was Asian food. I didn’t really like eating out all that much, so I would make it at home. Eventually became really decent at making stirfry. I’m also a big fan of pho, and I’ve tried making it. I’d say it was a success, though. It was edible, and it looked pretty.

My favorite food is full, because whenever I was having issues with my stomach before it got to this point, the only thing I could eat was steamed vegetables and tofu. It’s also true that eastern foods are vastly healthier than what we have here in the states, specifically Japan, and some of the other island countries. I began following a diet that mimicked the same diet of those living in eastern Asia. I did a lot of research and found out that it is one of the healthier diet that one can choose.

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