What is adaptive CrossFit and why

is it incredibly important to bring awareness and visibility to our sport.

Do you know what adaptive CrossFit is?

Yeah, that’s why it’s important to bring awareness to it.

CrossFit can produce amazing results when combined with proper programming and designed to be functional. XF facilitates an environment that gave me the opportunity and space to grow at my own pace.

Second Week in

It has literally saved my life. I couldn’t walk very well, my knees and legs were so atrophied that we feared that I might just snap under too much weight. I was literally fragile.

I needed assistance to walk fifty feet
Now? Now I can run (like a drunken antelope)

The other side of CrossFit, that most people don’t see, is the fact that your gym becomes your family. CrossFit is probably the most inclusive sport that I’ve ever been a part of. It’s also probably the only sport where, even when I’m losing everybody is cheering.

The beauty of CrossFit is, you really can’t lose. Even though you may place lower in the rankings if you’re competing, it doesn’t mean a loss. It means, you worked your ass off, and you did your best. Nobody ever doubts that.

Even in the workouts during the games, where I couldn’t perform certain movements, because it was too advanced, or because the weight was too heavy, I still learned lessons. Maybe it was a lesson to not get frustrated, easily, or a lesson to give myself grace. Regardless, it was a lesson learned.

It’s truly an amazing gift when you get to see somebody who could not get from the floor back into their wheelchair/ wheelchair to floor, make progress. Suddenly after just a few months of training, they can pop in and out of their seats sans struggle.

How about that quadruple amputee you saw at the restaurant last year?

Oh, they’re just casually deadlifting a hundred pounds now.

Lindsay Ess received a hand transplant and new legs

A lot can change when you make the decision to get off the couch, or out of the house, and pursue something new and positive. Especially when it’s related to bettering your health 💕

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