I see myself as more of a

Do you see yourself as a leader?


Pioneers are leaders in a way, clearing the pathway and exploring the unknown for the benefit and hope that others can follow a similar path.

Pioneers are vastly important in discovery and implementation. They need not be greedy in their ventures as greed is destructive and pointless. Leading oneself without others is not leading. It’s adventuring, or being a conniving cheat… ehem…

I’ve been fortunate enough to be in the crowd of pioneers in several sports.

WCMX (Wheelchair Skating)

Sled Hockey

Adaptive CrossFit


My story. My life is a lesson to others that there is hope. Hope even when everything else seems to crumble out from beneath you. I share stories of triumph, and stories of grief. Grief for the loss of my “self”, yet also tales of recovery.

Sure, I do cool things. Amazing things if you’re some people. To me? I’m just doing the best that I can to leave a legacy that will help others for years to come. I hope that my story will live on, long past my expiration date.

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