I like to keep things like jalapeños,

Describe your ideal week.

wild, consistent, and enjoyed. My ideal week would involve plenty of lifting and activity. It would be nice to have a few days with friends and also to have plenty of alone time to recharge and write.

I’m attempting to ban the word productivity from my vocabulary. It’s an anxiety inducing word that does nothing but give me an immense amount of stress, guilt and frustration. Often times, the more productive I strive to be – I am confronted by a lack of productivity overall.

Spending time with family and my cats is also a top priority.

Overall, my ideal week would provide plenty of activities and some added spice to my consistent routine.

2 responses to “I like to keep things like jalapeños,”

  1. Good one, expecialy the ‘enjoyed’ part

    1. With a little spice 😉

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