Habitually inhabiting a habit-hewn life

What daily habit do you do that improves your quality of life?


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The shadows of my past have witnessed a transformation as profound as moonrise in a pitch-black night. Permit me to weave this tale of metamorphosis with the threads of my own experience, in the dulcet tones of a macabre academic.

In my relentless pursuit of corporeal transmutation, the alchemical dance between diet and exercise emerged as a linchpin. The symphony of meticulous research and disciplined practice culminated in the relinquishment of a hundred pounds, an act that not only averted my impending demise but also quelled the insidious flames of chronic afflictions that once devoured me.

Yet, beyond the calculus of calories and exertions, the journal became my confidant. A parchment-bound oracle of self-awareness, the daily recording of culinary choices and physical exertions unveiled the cryptic tapestry of my being. Pen and paper, mere vessels for ink, transformed into sentinels of accountability, piercing the veils of delusion to reveal the raw essence of my constitution.

Water, that life-sustaining elixir, flowed through me like a river of vitality. Its consumption, a rhythmic ritual, harmonized with the cadence of existence. Yet, the frequency of communion with this aqueous companion emerged as an enigma of its own, a puzzle solved by aligning with the secret rhythms of my body.

Venturing beyond brick and mortar, the realm of nature unfurled before me. Amongst the tranquil arboreal cathedrals, solace for my mind blossomed like fungi in moonlit groves. Friends, akin to the ensemble cast of my dark narratives, stitched the fabric of companionship, and the pursuit of knowledge cast an illuminating beacon into the abyss of my former self.

Hobbies, spectral companions of idle hours, whispered secrets of transformation. As I acquired new skills, the alchemy of self-evolution blossomed, unveiling dormant facets of my identity. Thus, not only my physique but my very psyche underwent metamorphosis.

My journey is a testament to the inexorable force of healthy routines and tenacious resolve. My story exists within the interstice of science and art, a chiaroscuro canvas painted by the brushes of perseverance, introspection, and unyielding pursuit. Through the crucible of adversity, I emerged reborn, brandishing the quill of my destiny with newfound elegance.

4 responses to “Habitually inhabiting a habit-hewn life”

  1. Is this written to sound like cosmic horror? I love your vocabulary, it just hits me in a different way. I love how you wrote this.

    1. Yes it is! As well as having a Dark Academia vibe. I appreciate it! I hope you are doing well.

  2. It is becoming a habit, I always seek out to find what you write each day! It is so fun!

    1. Awe, thank you so much! I am glad that you enjoy my posts!

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