Goals? Goals plan themselves, I’m just

How do you plan your goals?

here to keep myself on track, motivated and dedicated to the necessary steps for achieving said goals.

What do you mean, “Goals set themselves?” Well, have you ever noticed yourself working towards something but not quite knowing what that thing is? It becomes an innate challenge.

We do knowingly set goals. Goals like health and wellness, better performance at work/ school, being more social and so on. During the ascent to achieving said goal, we set markers that we’d like to hit along the way. Those are the innate goals.

For me, I’m a competitive person. I love the thrill of the chase. I chase goals like it’s a part of me. It feels natural.

Setting those goals can be explicit or implicit. I will write them on a whiteboard and check them off as I go, or dance maniacally internally as I mentally check off another completed goal.

Set goals, it’s important. It’s important to stay motivated to better yourself. It’s important to stay motivated to prevent the sads.

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