In a world of pure…

Describe your life in an alternate universe.

Accessibility, it must be imagined. A dream so fleeting, it is intangible.

In the intricate tableau of an alternate cosmos, where the warp and weft of reality’s fabric took a different form, I stood upon the precipice of a world simultaneously recognizable and alien. Within this realm, my identity as a 30-year-old contending with disabilities transcended mere classification; I was enfolded into the embrace of parity, an essential constituent of a meticulously constructed society forged to uphold unity and equilibrium.

Traversing the cobblestone thoroughfares of this enigmatic universe, I bore witness to an unprecedented accessibility permeating every facet of existence. Architectural marvels ascended, adorned with sinuous ramps and enigmatic elevators, facilitating my traverse through this resplendent mosaic with an elegant fluidity. An orchestrated symphony of innovation and compassion had orchestrated the dismantling of obstructions, empowering each denizen to thrive unrestricted by corporeal limitations.

The shackles of pecuniary systems, which had long haunted our own reality, were naught but an ephemeral wraith in this domain. The very air resonated with the cadence of barter and exchange, as the marketplace pulsed with a complex choreography of transaction. Goods and services flowed akin to tributaries in a communal river of reciprocity, a dance of harmonious cooperation that lent vitality to the core of the collective.

Embedded within the societal fabric was a concept both nascent and profound, echoing with an undercurrent of sagacious foresight. A breeding license, conceived not from the alloy of eugenics but as a safeguard for progeny, graced the narrative. The premise was elegantly simplistic yet evocative—forge a covenant with the future, wherein aspiring parents would assume their role with unwavering intent and open hearts. An annual recertification functioned as a benevolent sentinel, prompting the dutiful acknowledgment of obligations undertaken, nurturing an ethos where the guardianship of posterity reigned supreme.

In this cosmos, sustenance and habitation no longer clung to the arbitrary status of privilege; rather, they flowed as an innate birthright. Dwellings enfolded us in their protective bosom, while laden tables groaned beneath the weight of abundance. The expanse of space unfurled like an infinite canvas, bestowing upon each soul the sanctified liberty to stretch the sinews of curiosity and exploration. A serenity, born of assurance, cradled these rudimentary necessities, thereby fashioning a tranquil cradle from which aspirations might take elegant flight.

Yet, it was the very essence of humanity itself that cast the most potent spell. Through the alchemical medium of barter, a symphony of myriad hues, cultures, and narratives melded and entwined. This alternate reality had transcended the illusion of division, a testament to the enduring verity that authentic harmony springs forth not from homogeneity but from the symphony of diverse voices.

My disability relinquished its status as an impediment and metamorphosed into a cornerstone of identity, a badge of distinction that seated me upon a shared plane with kindred souls. I discovered a tapestry woven with threads of empathy, parity, and shared human experience.

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  1. Beautifully written.

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