Do you have any idea how expensive a

What’s the most money you’ve ever spent on a meal? Was it worth it?

Smoothie can be? You have no idea, or you do, in that case skip over this part, and go to the TLDR.

This is literally no joke, smoothies with protein powder, Creatine, L, glutamine, BC, AAs, fruit, plant, milk, and whatever else needs to go in is incredibly expensive.

There’s often is common misconception with nutrition where individuals think that eating healthy is cheap. There’s a long-standing debate, whether or not healthy, eating or unhealthy. Eating is actually more expensive or less expensive. I’ve lived in Florida and Pennsylvania, and I can honestly say eating healthier is far more difficult in the north. In Florida there were so many farmers markets that ran year-round with fresh fruit and vegetables that made making healthier food more easy due to the prevalence.

This is unfortunately, a major contributor to the prices of fresh and healthy food. In the south, the weather is more conducive for growing fresh fruits and vegetables nearly all year round. If a specific fruit isn’t growing, there is something else just as healthy and nutritious that is growing right next to it. There is no seasonal tax, there is no shortage of fruits and vegetables.

While there may actually be shortages of certain fruits and vegetables due to pricing, or perhaps import or export costs, it is not for long. They are able to import enough food, and enough fresh fruit and vegetables in order to cover themselves during times of scarcity or disease.

In the north, we actually do deal with seasonal fruit and vegetables, and it is very difficult, sometimes to get fruit that is actually worth buying. All of the farmers markets close during the winter with an exception of a select few indoor farmers markets. So you have to rely on imported store-bought, fruits and vegetables. this can often lead to poor quality, already molting or rotten fruit, small vegetables, and even very small apples.

There was actually a time when our local Walmart did not have bananas, due to a shortage. In Florida, that wouldn’t of happened. We also deal with hot houses up here however, down south hot houses are abundant.

My personal recommendation is to stay away from hothouse green vegetables. They absolutely have no taste. I had tomatoes in Florida that literally just tasted like water and it was so disappointing. One of the first things I did. When I moved back to Pennsylvania, was to walk over to the Mennonites and get a few fresh garden tomatoes. I remember just cutting them apart and eating them plain, because they were that good.

In short, it is actually much more expensive to eat healthy, than it is to eat unhealthy. It is based on your geographic location, and the resources that are available to you as well as the time of the year. This can lead to shortages which hike up the price. Shortages of simple, fruits and vegetables like apples and cucumbers.

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  1. So true. no wonder we have an epidemic of High cholesterol, diabetes, and obesity. When water is more expensive than a soda, what do we expect?

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