The workings of the world, the intricacies of

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What are you curious about?

Life and what it means to truly live on this moss-covered-rock.

I am a truly curious, self-proclaimed polymath:

pol·y·math [ˈpälēˌmaTH] NOUN: a person of wide-ranging knowledge or learning: “a Renaissance polymath”

I am eager to learn nearly everything about a subject that I feasibly can fit into my squishy walnut. Hyper-fixation? That is a normal for me, and it is also self-induced.

I remember one year that I spent hyper-fixated on Buddhism and living by the Way. I spent so much time reading about monks and their practices, Kung Fu, Lao-tse, reincarnation, and the history of eastern religious practices.

I also spent a week eating salty rice balls to get a better understanding of what it would feel like to live on the same diet as the Buddhist monks. Yeah… that didn’t last long, but I have a newfound respect for those practitioners.

After that, I went all carnivorous and tried to eat meat as my prime source of food because I wanted to be muscular and strong. I researched everything about the Paleolithic diet. When I say everything, I mean I literally studied the human diet from homo erectos to homo sapien-sapien. I studied the animal life that lived during the Paleolithic times and what the most viable food source was.

I clearly cannot take a mammoth and feast off of that for a lifetime, but instead, I sustained off of venison, chicken, and pork for a solid while. Eventually, I became obese, pre-diabetic and hypertensive. All of the expected outcomes.

Thus, I was nearly 250 pounds at roughly 19 years of age. It was this point, that I made the US Women’s National sled hockey team. I hyper-fixated on nutrition, weight loss, and what the best diet would be for me given my activity level and at-the-time intake. I became hyper-fixated on conditioning.

    During that time, I decided that I would try an athlete’s diet and an athlete’s workout regimen. I became incredibly hyper-focused on developing the best and most accurate diet and workout routine that I could given my resources.

    I have also always been curious about cats and how they function. I enjoy learning about feline behavior and linguistics. I am probably unhealthily obsessed with felines, but I don’t care – I embrace my crazy-cat-lady self and spread the love so that everyone is feline it.

    Truthfully I am curious about everything. I love meeting new people, learning about their languages and cultures, exploring new places, discovering old memories, reaching to the stars, trying new and crazy things, and learning-learning-learning about everything.

    I really enjoy trivia, so I learn a lot about as much as possible to be a viable player in a trivia game. Ask me anything, except sports dates, and politics and I am a contender. Unless it’s math trivia, than I am useless.

    What are you curious about? Do you have a special interest or fixation?

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    1. Learning from salty rice balls… I never heard about sled hockey until this morning. Yeah, I’m coming around to cats recently. Great post!

      1. Thank you! I am glad you learned something from my rambles haha.

        1. Rambles are great!

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