Fitness is a right, not a

Write about a random act of kindness you’ve done for someone.


Do ya’ll remember this guy? I do! Haha.

I won’t say that this is a random act of kindness because it is not random if it is a recurrent and common occurrence. Rather, in a world of fixed prices and expensive exercise recommendations, it is a rare occurrence to be awarded with free routes to fitness.

Last year, I got my personal training certification and an advanced geriatric training certification while I was going to school, and dealing with a lot of health complications.

When I started training people, the most common complaint was “bang for the buck”. The training often ran my clients into the several hundreds of dollars per month. They couldn’t understand why two days of training lasting one-hour, could cost so much.

Little did they know that the of the hundreds they were being charged per month, I was receiving a solid $12/hr. The very large, and very popular charitable organization that I was working for was charging $325/ month. That means I was being paid 2.25x less than what was being charged per session.

If I put my credentials into a browser or GPT, my average pay per hour should have been: $32/ hr and that is not counting the certifications and the fact that I am an elite athlete with several world championship titles. That alone could increase my trainer value by $20-30.00/hr. I was extremely undervalued where I worked, and realized it is because people cannot afford that level of training. They cannot afford to pay a person to tell them how to be healthy.

Why should anyone charge for teaching others how to live a healthy life? Is that not a right that we should be entitled to? Yes. That is why I quit working for an organization that charged my clients and undervalued me as a trainer.

Now? Now I train people for free. I have no interest in asking people to pay for what they should have access to naturally. I don’t want to be the trainer that says: “sorry, you can’t afford me. I guess you will have to figure it out on your own.”

As far as I am concerned, my act of kindness to the world is to offer free personal training from an elite athlete with several world titles. That is just one thing that I can offer the world after the world helped me get to a point to where I can be successful and offer this small gift to my friends, family, and other random individuals carrying heavy weight. Sometimes, they just need help learning how to carry that weight appropriately.

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