I don’t follow our traditions of celebrating

What traditions have you not kept that your parents had?


Don’t get me wrong, I attend events with my family on holidays, but I have not been one to just celebrate on my own at home. I don’t really have a lot of holiday spirit, and I am not sure if that is because I am not with someone, or if it is because I don’t have children. I am not trying to say that children are the sole reason for celebration – they are not, but what is true is that society has decided that appeasing the children is the sole reason for holidays.

I am not a child-loving person. I am picky with the children that I bond with, and they require a certain list of traits for me to really bond with them.

It also goes without saying that most holidays are religious holidays, and being that I am not a religious person, the true meaning of the holiday is often lost upon me.

The family tradition of decorating, is not one that I will continue. Maybe a little, but I don’t plan on going hog-wild.

Another tradition that I am not carrying on is the tradition of hunting. While I understand and respect the need for certain people to take wild game as a primary or secondary food-source. My grandparents, and most of my family are hunters, and fishermen. I have tried both, and have found that I am not keen to kill innocent animals. Not even for food. I would rather sustain off of plants than take the lives of animals that do not need to die.

I do not have any negative feelings against my family for this tradition at all. I just choose not to continue this tradition based on my own personal beliefs and values.

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  1. I am also picky about the kids I bond with- it just so happens that my nieces (in laws) have the qualifications. Especially my littlest one. And they are Muslim so they don’t really celebrate Christmas, and that’s okay. I do love the holidays, and I’m lucky to have family to celebrate with. It’s totally valid that you don’t celebrate them.

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