I’d like the Asperger’s + ADHD cocktail, please…

How would you describe yourself to someone?

add a chronic health conditions twist, and please don’t forget a bit of anxiety on the rim. Thanks. Oh, this tastes like an electrified ostrich on cocaine. You added a little too much of the ADHD, please add some anxiety to balance it out. Ahhh, perfect. Now I am drunk on confusion and personal crises.

That isn’t all me. I mean, there is the titanic strength, determination of a glacier, quick-snap temper, happy-go-lucky, Epictetus’ mental attitude, GPS brained, sports loving, people-pleasing, anti-hate aspects of my personality as well.

I see the good in people before the bad, and give everyone the benefit of the doubt. I accept all human beings regardless of appearance or morality. I can accept people and not like them, that is an option.

I am an adventurous spirit with no ability to go on an adventure, this hurts, but I still adventure in ways that are accessible to me. I would die for a trip to my list of countries. Do they still do Adult Make-a-Wish? 😆

Overall, I am me, Arwen-Wynterstürm Obsidian Oakley and I am always going to be my weird, authentic self. That will never change. Actually it will because the human personality is dynamic.

What about you? How would you describe yourself? Can you do it in three words? What would they be? Drop a comment below and let me know! I love responding to comments.

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