Anywhere but here,

If you won two free plane tickets, where would you go?

Because the amount of distaste I have for this country is unreal. I am disabled, female, and non-heterosexual. These three things make it so that I am significantly discriminated against in a system that boasts freedom for its people. Yet, here I am barely able to make it by with the amount of money the government says that I can have for survival with a serious disability.

It is excessive the amount of hoops that one must jump through in order to simply have enough to get by on in this country. To have a roof over their head and a bed to sleep on.

It seems like such a simple request, but according to Statista, roughly “582,462 people are homeless in America” and “Homelessness in the United States: Between 2018 and 2019, New Mexico saw the highest increase in the number of homeless people. However, in 2019 California had the highest number of homeless people living there. A large part of the homelessness in California is a result of multiple factors, one of them being the extreme high cost of living, as well as opposition to mandatory mental health counseling and drug addiction. However, the District of Columbia that had the highest estimated rate of homelessness per 10,000 people. This was followed by New York state, Hawaii, California, and Oregon.”

This only further proves how our system has been slowly dismantling as years pass. For eight years, homelessness has been rising. I am sure anyone in this position would gladly take those two tickets just to be free.

So, what would I do with my tickets? I would give one away to someone who deserves a vacation, and the other I would use to move out of the country to Australia or Malaysia. I want a fresh start free from the crooked medical system in this country. I want a new chance at life. A chance to become the person that I know I can be. It is in there, it just needs an opportunity to come out.

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  1. We still have 50% of our tax dollars to spend on military spending though. Shouldn’t that money be used to actually help the taxpayers?

    1. I completely agree. Instead of spending money on pointless conflicts, maybe they should turn tail and address the conflict on the home turf. Perhaps they could focus on the warring within the social safety net system and better the lives of their citizens. I have a severe disability and despite trying to find work, actively working, and trying to live on a fixed wage with all the responsibilities of a non-disabled citizen – it is hard, next to impossible some times. We continue striving because we have no choice. So, yes, I completely agree!

      1. 734 billion dollars could do a lot for the actual people that live here and pay all the taxes. We spend more on military than the rest of the world combined. Then these representatives complain about social security and this any social welfare type program, it’s disgusting.

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