The birth of a name

What’s the story behind your nickname?

Arwen-Wynterstürm Obsidian Oakley is the name you know me by. Perhaps in passing, you have seen or heard my other name being tossed around, but for this post we will focus on my chosen name.

Arwen-Wynterstürm is a combination of Arwen from Lord of the Rings as I was a huge fan, and Wynter which is my spelling variation of Winter – the season I was born. Stürm is the German version of storm, and is actually a combination of Wynter and Stürm to create Wynterstürm. Translated to Winterstorm.

My favorite album of all time is My Winter Storm by Tarja Tarunen, specifically I Walk Alone. Why? I felt the pain in her voice when she sang her song. She lamented about friends who blind-sided her and dropped her from the band like she didn’t matter.

This hearkened back the memories of when I was first in a wheelchair, and people that I had been friends with for a long time, just left our friendship and faded away. It was as if becoming disabled had made me into a different person. One that could not have all the same friends and memories that I had.

Obsidian pays homage to my spirit as it is a stone forged from fire and extreme pressure. I am resilient like obsidian, fiery like its composition, and strong enough to withstand almost anything.

Finally, Oakley. Oakley is something I developed when I was younger. I had always loved the oak trees in our woods, and after learning about Annie Oakley, I was smitten with the name. Annie wasn’t just a performer in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, but also a huge supporter of women’s rights and even taught young girls how to shoot and ride horses.

Altogether, it became Arwen-Wynterstürm Oakley. My pen name and soon to be chosen name. Will I still go by my old name and monikers? Yes, I am not out to confuse the world, just to begin my life anew as Arwen. Was my old life bad? No, and I will maintain that it wasn’t. This isn’t an escape, but rather an addendum. A necessary change as I evolve as a human.

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  1. When I divorced, I lost my friends, family, church… all those identity things… I thought of it, when you spoke of your disability… Human nature is a funny thing… often when a person fears something, or encounters a painful thing that they do not understand, they either run away, or reflect a strange indifference, or intolerance… I am learning the art of Grace for a world that often does things that just don’t make any sense…

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