I love cooking, and had no idea how much…

What foods would you like to make?

I really enjoy it despite of the amount of tedious processes that come before even actually being able to remotely get started on eating. The action of preparing the food is a meditative experience requiring all aspects of my body to be in tune with the food and process.

It is almost like preparing one’s bed before laying down to sleep, or doing their makeup right after a hot, revitalizing shower. It is the experience that preps you for the action. These experiences, in my opinion, far outweigh the benefit of the action. I often remember cooking food and the process involved with that rather than the actual dish itself.

For instance, I have a toaster, but I would far rather take the extra time to toast my bread in the skillet after making the eggs, or whatever. The process of getting the bread ready, in my mind, signals that it is almost time to eat. The smell of the bread with its garlicky notes really enlightens the senses.

If I were to make a specific food that I both enjoy cooking and eating, I would have to say either stir-fry or pho. Both are very good and fun to prepare.

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