*points to hoodie* This makes it relatively obvious…

Dogs or cats?

Yeah… wearing this while writing haha

I sound like a broken record sometimes. I love cats. Dogs are not my cup of tea, not sorry. I prefer a quiet home. This isn’t to say that my home is quiet in the absence of dogs – alas, this is incorrect. My tabby has a lot to say, always. I also suffer from animal dander allergies, specifically dogs.

Aside from the practical aspects, I also appreciate the personality that cats bring to the room. They are aloof, goofy, and unpredictable. Ever watch a cat startle? It reminds me of a piece of bread in a toaster. *pop*

Poor guy almost lost his food too!

Cats are just weird, man, I mean look at ‘em?!

All hail the master

I have had a few very unique cats in my life, and every last one has earned their place in the library of my mind – banned book section.

My beloved Boob was a golden tabby who came into my life when I was 10 years old. I found him on our deck in 2005 and he stayed with me until 2019. He was the most relaxed and affectionate cat I ever knew. He would shake his tail like a rattlesnake, drool, and tiptoe around me whenever he wanted some cuddles. He was always by my side when I was sick. He had only three legs, but he never let that stop him. We shared a bond of having disabilities. He was more than a pet, he was my friend and my anchor.

TriPawd Cat

Sure, animals only live a fraction of our lives, but that isn’t the point. They aren’t here to serve as ornaments for our tree of life. No, they are there as friends who, like all great things, eventually leave us to move on to different page in their story.

I have always felt far more connected to cats than dogs. Dogs are loud and in your face, while cats are soft, mostly-quiet, and choosy. To me though, if they choose me as their designated napping spot, then I must be pretty darn special – or comfy, both(?). Cats vibe on the same level of energy as me. I love to chill in the sunlight outside, do my own thing, go on grand adventures through the canopies of the rainforest (or just the hedges outside), and lose my absolute shit and dart from place to place as if on fire. Just not at 3am.

There is a certain air about a cat that I gravitate towards. They are keen, agile, soft, and funny. They have a vast range of voices, personalities and habits. No cat is the same as another regardless of resemblance.

No poem today. Not feeling it. <3

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  1. They aren’t here to serve as ornaments for the tree of our lives…you have a flair for words! Very engaging write-up.

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