I caught a monarch of feelings today,

and it nearly fluttered by. On wings lightly dusted, with a whispered beat… it hovered gently in my hands and I dared take a chance.

“Dear, butterfly, what is it you say?”

“Look more closely,” it replied.

Its wings arced softly as it nestled in my palm. Only one time before did I hold the butterfly, but I let it go.

“Let me see…”

Rare Butterflies

In a world unknown, fate's tender hand led,
To a soul unmet, a heart still unread.
A serendipitous moment, love unforeseen,
A bond so pure, like a dream within a dream.

They shared secrets, like stars in the night,
A constellation of stories, a guiding light.
In histories entwined, their paths did trace,
Finding comfort in each other's embrace.

Their interests aligned, harmonious and rare,
A symphony of passions, beyond compare.
It's kismet they say, destiny's embrace,
A perfect union, woven in time and space.

Through the maze of life, they wandered alone,
But together they found where true hearts are known.
In this meeting of souls, love's whisper so clear,
The world fades away, as they draw near.

In the arms of destiny, they stand side by side,
Two souls united, forever to confide.
A love unimagined, yet meant to be,
In this beautiful union, they have found harmony.

©️ Arwen-Wynter Oakley

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