Oh this is a box of flaming Legos…

What bothers you and why?

I am going to split this up into two categories because I feel like what bothers my Autism/ADHD should be separate from what bothers me naturally.

What bothers me?


Unmotivated Minds

Lack of follow-through



Country Music

Rap Music

Religious Debates

Politics/ Debates

Medical System

Educational System



What bothers my autism?


Wet Socks

Biting Cotton

Loud Sounds


Annoying Chewing or Mouth Sounds


Sticky Hands

Dirty Hands


Cold Temperatures


I am fairly simple when it comes to my irritants. Stupidity, bullying, rudeness, and weird textures and sounds. That is pretty easy to remember, right? Haha.


Truthfully, I am fairly unbothered by most things outwardly. Inwardly, though, it is a different story. I often feel like a ball of yarn that is all tangled inside, and each thing just adds to the tangles. Usually, once I reach a certain point, I need to leave the situation and go decompress.

However, I consider myself one of the most accepting, open-minded people that I can be. I fail to recognize the melanin variances culture to culture as a significant form of personal identity (unless they take pride in it, then I will celebrate with them), I choose friends based on personality, not be physical ability. All genders are welcome at my bonfire. All people. Everyone. I accept you – even if you irk me. That is how the world works. <3

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  1. Whoa ….the medical systems. That’s a good one. ~Di

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