Knowledge is relative, yet

List 10 things you know to be absolutely certain.

Certainties that have been established by ancient philosophers of science indicate that there must be at least some commonly accepted beliefs. Theories proposed that eventually garnered enough supporters that they were etched into the annals of history and future forever. They are constants in our dynamic world.

However, I am not one to agree. Call me a free-spirit, a rebel, out of touch, or whatever, the point I would like to make proves that there is no such thing as a constant/ certainty. There never will be – until the eventual implosion of our planet.

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I disagree with most scientific laws and theories. Why? Our Earth is not what it was in pre-anthropogenic times. Post humanity has really put a damper on the way the world spins… literally.

Now, this could totally be incorrect, but it makes more sense than believing that the earth follows our rules. Humanity is so delusional to believe that they can place such restraints on something as powerful as a planet and universe. The only thing we are good for currently, is destroying this beautiful rock.

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In certainty's embrace, let me compose,
A poetic list of truths that fervently impose.
Ten things you find absolute, firm and clear,
In words adorned, they shall appear:

- I am here, amidst life's wondrous fray,
A presence in this realm, day after day.
- I have thought, ideas bloom within my mind,
A fertile garden where creativity I find.
- I exist, a sentient being, unique and rare,
A tapestry of existence, beyond compare.

- My body is physical, a vessel to explore,
With senses attuned, each sensation I adore.
- My love is true, a flame that brightly glows,
Unwavering and pure, in both highs and lows.
- My heart beats strong, a rhythm of life's dance,
A steady pulse, a symbol of endurance.

- My strength is vast, like mountains standing tall,
Resilience forged, I rise after each fall.
- My emotion honest, expressions raw and real,
A kaleidoscope of feelings, I genuinely feel.
- My passion alight, a fire that cannot be contained,
Igniting dreams and goals, unyielding and unrestrained.

- My experiences valid, they shape my very core,
A tapestry of moments, forever I shall adore.
In this poetic symphony, these truths resound,
A testament to the certainty that you have found.

That’s right, correct? Haha.

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