I’m always seeking adventure

Are you seeking security or adventure?

Security is so boring. I mean, dude, don’t get me wrong – keep my bank account and credit card out of this. Locks are a pleasantry as well, but adventure is so exhilarating.

I’m not a martial artist turned hockey player turned CrossFit athlete with a penchant for the gymnastics and heavy lifting; nor an aspiring bike-camp-biker (that’s a word now), if I didn’t have an weren’t in an unhealthy polygamist relationship with adrenaline, ADHD, and impulse control.

I pine for the forests and ragged cliffscapes of Appalachia, the waterfalls of the John Muir, a serene jaunt through the Tetons or even a trip abroad to tackle the Amazon undergrowth.

I’m tired of this country. Small and whole. Something exotic preferred. Europe, Asia, World, etc. Hell, I’d even trek a few inches through Antártica!

Being that I’m disabled – I want to travel literally everywhere just because I can and to give others a vicarious experience via video and photo. I want to find accessible travel, hotels, trails and camping that would help everyone. Maybe that’s a new goal? Shrug.

“Hike, Write, Camp, Repeat”

I strap on my braces and lace up my boots
I grab my backpack and my notebook
I'm ready to explore the trails and the spaces
That most people overlook

I don't need to climb the highest peak
Or run the fastest mile
I just need to find my own unique
Way of enjoying nature's style

I hike at my own pace and stop when I need
I write down my thoughts and feelings
I camp under the stars and listen to the seas
I repeat this cycle of healing

I see the beauty in the rocks and the trees
The birds and the flowers and the trees
I feel the joy in the breeze and the sun
The rain, not the snow, but the fun

I share my stories with others who care
Who respect my identity and my flair
Who understand my challenges and my strength
Who support my dreams and go the lengths

Hike, write, camp, repeat
This is my mantra and my beat
This is how I live with worth
This is how I connect with Mother Earth

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