Daily Prompt #46

What time do you go to bed and wake up currently?

Normally, I go to bed around 9-11pm depending on whether or not I had 6am CrossFit. I wake up between 5-7am most everyday. 5am for CrossFit and 6:30-7am for general natural wake-up.

I am absolutely a morning person. Yet, I wasn’t always that way. Like all children and teens, I also struggled with maintaining a healthy sleep/wake cycle. School mostly kept me on track for the weekdays, but I remember a few nights of exploring Kalimdor into the wee hours of the morning – farming resources in the Aralhi Highlands. I had the most kickass build too.

If not awake to play video games, I am also guilty of pulling late nights while writing. Especially if muse strikes when I am laying in the twilight inviting the fall of somnolence.

“MUST WRITE” Brain screams, “must write right now!”

This is why I have a journal and a pen in bed with me. Boy if that doesn’t signify the relationship between artist and art, I don’t know what would. LOL

Between the mind-numbing chatter of ideas conversing in 5x speed and the other randomness, my mental map looks like a hockey play.

Sleep, initially, did not bring me comfort and peace. Nor did it repair my body. Sleep was an annoying necessity that wasted time. Now? Gimme my bed, baby.

Sleep is better when it is wanted, not loathed. If you want sleep, the sleep will be more restful and recovered.

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