Daily Prompt #45

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Daily writing prompt
What strategies do you use to increase comfort in your daily life?

Comfort is important. Not just for me, but for you as well. Comfort is plentiful in meaning and bountiful in reward. I find strategies that increase comfort not only increase external comfort, but also productivity and mood. I use a wheelchair as my main means of transportation, but did you know that I prefer a standing desk?

Yes! I have leg braces that I can wear in order to stand, as well as another pair that are a little longer that I wear for high intensity activities/ standing longer.

The braces on the left, those are the short pair of braces.

The ones to the right are the longer, these are the heavy-duty ones.


I have retrofit my wheelchair with the limbs and guts of retired wheelchairs in order to create the most comfortable seat that I can given my resources. At this point — I should really just open a wheelchair repair shop haha.

Next is wardrobe. I have given up wearing any clothes that make me feel uncomfortable in any way. That includes jeans, frilly tops, tight-around-the-arm tee shirts, stiff collars,

I totally did not just search Sennheiser headphones on Amazon…

NOT Arwen-Wynter

Anyways. I have a few exceptions to the rule. Sports protection like hockey neck guards or gross softball pants fit that description.

I wear athleisure, I choose whatever colors, feels, and fits that please me that morning. I pay no heed to what looks good perse, but more so to what makes me feel good. I prefer to wear overclothes because I freeze quite easily. Typically, this consists of leggings with jogging pants over them, and a tank with a hoodie over that. I am very picky about whether or not things match or not, grandma, so I do often place my outfits on the nightstand before sleeping so the early morning process goes more smoothly.


Sadly, Arwen-Wy–whatever

Apologies, the ADHD is strong with this one today.

What really makes me comfortable, though, is making decisions for me and my wellbeing. If I want to do it? I will do it. If I think it will be a bad idea, I don’t. I work from home, clacking away upon a mechanical keyboard – dreaming dreamy dreams of literary success, a trip to the Bread Loaf, an escape to a dreary BnB in Bar Harbor, or even just the personal knowledge of having spent my life doing what I love. I have spent many years suffering. I will spend my free years sans torment.

One way that I do this is by following a set routine that starts with drinking water as soon as I wake to helping me stay on task with daily chores and self-love moments. My list often extends beyond the simple:

  • Take Medication
  • Clean
  • Litter
  • Vaccuum
  • Gingko Walk
  • Kuby Walk
  • Fabulous Routine
    • Drink Water
    • Journal
    • Focus Coaching
    • Meditation
    • Eat Breakfast
    • Stretch and Exercise
    • Write my daily To-Do list
    • Turn on work mode on my phone
    • Focus session for 25 minutes writing anything
    • Then:
    • Take Medication
    • Blog
    • Afternoon and then Evening Routines as well

It helps me stay on task with the ADHD as expressed above, and it makes me feel really productive checking off each box next to a finished task.

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