Daily Prompt #43

What could you let go of, for the sake of harmony?

In this world, the catalyst of harmony is discord. What qualifies as discord best? Anger. To promote the growth of harmony, to coax along the blooms of joy – to provide ourselves and others with roots to grow. Anger has no place in growth. Of any kind.

If during the growth of a child, anger is involved – the child will sour. If anger is utilized in the pursuit of personal achievement – it is not success. Anger has no place in the seeds of emotion.

Ok, ok, I took anger management twice in middle school and joined martial arts to supplement. It worked, for the explosive anger. Yet, it had the opposite effect of healing. Rather, I did not externalization the anger anymore, no, but instead I internalized it. It left me rife with rigors of relentless internal rage. Until – yes, until it all came to the point of Vesuvius – careening down upon everyone nearby in a wave of mummifying shock. Let’s just say… I have gone dormant for now.

Truthfully, harmony is what maintains the pulse of life. Without a harmonious balance of … everything, life wouldn’t be as we know it. Rather, we would probably have been annihilated before the invention of gunpowder.

Anger could easily be abandoned for the flow of harmony.

“Let Go”

In the soft glow of twilight's embrace, I yearn,
Amidst a world of chaos, my soul takes its turn.
Beneath the golden rays of a hopeful sun,
I let go of anger, seeking harmony to be won.

No longer shall fury rule my chosen way,
In this modern age, I seek a brighter display.
With wisdom gleaned from the world around,
I release the grip of anger, to harmony bound.

Within bustling cities and urban sprawl,
My spirit awakens to a gentler call.
In the gardens of empathy, forgiveness blooms,
Replacing resentment with harmonious tunes.

Oh mighty currents of life's relentless stream,
Let anger fade away, like a faded dream.
With patience and grace, let harmony arise,
Transcending anger's storms, to tranquil skies.

From whispers of muses in this contemporary land,
Gentleness emerges, extending a gentle hand.
Deep within our hearts, let unity reside,
As anger is relinquished, true harmony shall abide.

©️ Arwen-Wynter Oakley 2023

4 responses to “Daily Prompt #43”

  1. Great post. An angry world is far from a harmonious one

  2. I love your poem at the end. You’re great at poetry.

    1. Oh, thank you so much 🙂 I used to hate it the most of all types of writing haha

      1. I get it.

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