Daily Prompt #42

What is your favorite genre of music?

This is what I work or study to. I keep it pretty simple for work and study. Ya know, nothing that makes me wanna twerk. That is bad for productivity.

Pretty calm, right? Well, beware, it is only going to get weirder.

I could add more, but I am sure you are in enough shock currently. So instead, here is a poem about my love of some music.


Welcome to the abyss of my auditory trench, where I find pleasure, a haven where the melodies dance with enchantment and the harmonies whisper secrets to my soul. Strange and peculiar, these weird genres of music paint the twisted and the wyrd upon the cavern walls of my mind, where confusion dissipates like mist before the dawn.

No, I do not pine for verses demanding attention, for they oftentimes cloak themselves in a perplexing attire, forcing my brain into an exhausting waltz of deciphering their hidden meanings. Instead, I drown myself in the peculiarities of sound, the unspoken tales that bypass the need for linguistic clarity.

It is sonic wonder, where enchantment takes precedence over explanation, my thoughts soar on wings woven from haunting melodies and ethereal rhythms. It is a domain where the cacophony of ordinary life becomes a distant murmur, drowned out by the symphony of the extraordinary.

Within the keep of the weird, there is a room for the oddities of my brain. It is a cove where I need not grapple with demanding lyrics or struggle to discern their intended significance. Instead, I am free to explore the boundaries of sound unbound by the laws of language, a freedom that liberates my mind and nourishes my spirit.

Oh, how wondrous it feels to immerse myself in the tone-tapestry of the genuinely dynamic genres, where every note is an invitation to journey into the unknown, to traverse the uncharted landscapes of imagination. It is here, amidst the unorthodox harmonies and dissonant melodies, that I find new flora and fauna. Animals bearing crescendos, birds singing minor-key, the drum of the rain, bass of the thunder, and crash of the lightning. Where I'm forbidden to utter that word.

So let the world listen to their lyrical anthems, demanding attention and comprehension. I shall wander the vast expanse of the weird, where new tones, and strange melodies are born. I dance to the music of the unexplained. For in this melodic realm, I am the DJ.

©️ Arwen-Wynter Oakley 2023

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