Daily Prompt #40

On what subject(s) are you an authority?

Cats, Fitness, and Writing.

I have been a huge fan of cats since I was a little girl. My dad brought home my first kitten, and as he loved cats too, it is only natural that I would too. I mentioned in a previous post that I feel more connected to animals than I do to humans. It is a weird realization to come to, but honestly, I don’t mind. At least they don’t figuratively stab me in the back, only literally. 😆

When I was merely an adolescent, my grandmother found me standing on our deck outside with a notebook. Furiously scribbling I barely noticed her peering over my shoulder to see what I was doing.
“Are you taking notes on the cats?”
“Yes, I am documenting their mating and colony habits.”
“Of course you are, silly.”

To give you another idea of my connection with these animals. I am one of those people who can cuddle and hold “the cats that hate people and the violent cats as well.
“Nobody picks her up and holds her, other than I. That’s amazing.” They would say.
Except me. I can. I do, and I do it all of the time. It isn’t odd to me, I just know how to approach cats.

Fitness is my next specialty. While I do have a personal training certification, that is not what makes me “an authority” or whatever. It isn’t the amount of wins I have garnered either. It is about the comeback. The ability to take a broken body and build it up to a healthy, strong, and resilient carcass.

I went from 69 pounds in 2017 to 115 pounds today. I have more muscle than I have ever had, and I am at my strongest. I destroyed diabetes, pre-hypertension, weakness from paralysis, and my negative mental attitude. I have adapted to my body, and instead of fighting it, I have learned to work with it.

I am not an authority, just a positive example of how determination and hard work can really change your life.

I am not an authority in the writing realm, and will never be. This is a dynamic field that constantly changes with the ages. I think it best to just write a poem to describe my love for the written word, and my passion.

“Writer, Take Flight”

Within the realm of words, where spirits dwell,
Resides the essence of an author's spell.
To be a litterateur, a seeker of truth,
Is to unearth narratives, both tender and uncouth.

In prose's landscape, thoughts unfurl and bloom,
A dance of ink, casting shadows of gloom.
Like an alchemist, with language we create,
Crafting tales that resonate, that captivate.

With every stroke of pen, worlds come alive,
Sculpting characters, their souls to revive.
In the footsteps of masters who came before,
We delve into depths, seeking meaning and more.

Through narratives woven, we challenge the norms,
Exploring the human heart in all its forms.
In quest of insight, we wander and roam,
Unveiling secrets, crafting stories to be known.

Yet, within the realms we traverse and explore,
Lies the burden of doubt we must endure.
For the weight of creation can be a heavy load,
As we strive to find purpose in tales bestowed.

So embrace the mantle, this writer's plight,
With dedication and passion, let words take flight.
For literature yearns for your unique voice,
To inspire, to provoke, to make hearts rejoice.

As a litterateur, you possess the power,
To move souls, to make the world flower.
Unleash your imagination, let stories unfurl,
For the art of the written word is a precious pearl.

©️ Arwen-Wynter Oakley 2023

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  1. Great poem to finish and lovely to hear your areas of expertise. I love the cat story 🙂

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