Daily Prompt #38

How do you express your gratitude?

Show kindness to the most minuscule creatures, to those who have less than I, carry others in ways that I would like to be carried, and lift those who have fallen. I show gratitude by offering compassion, assistance, and care.

I struggle to relate to humans in the same way that I relate to animals. Probably the Asperger’s, but regardless, I feel connected to animals naturally; whereas, with humans it often takes so much internal effort, that I am left exhausted if not completely unavailable. Interacting with people is costly. It takes a few hours or a day to recharge completely.

Preferably, I would rather spend my energy on being there for others than on most other things, to be honest. Even if it is in a minor way, it is still enough to fill my coffers of happy.

I am unfortunately not feeling very well this morning, so no short story, but rather, have a poem. I was inspired by the voice of Emily Dickinson. While she wrote rather morose poetry, but she had a beautiful mind.

Nature is the kindest friend
That ever I have known
She fills my heart with gentle joy
And soothes my weary bone

She whispers in the rustling leaves
And sings in every bird
She paints the sky with splendid hues
And makes the earth a word

She gives me gifts of fragrant flowers
And fruits of every kind
She shares with me her secrets rare
And calms my troubled mind

She never asks for aught in return
But only that I see
The beauty and the grace she holds
And love her tenderly

Nature is the kindest friend
That ever I have known
And I will thank her every day
For making me her own.

© Arwen-Wynter Oakley

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