Daily Post #34

Daily writing prompt
What are your daily habits?

My daily habits consist of a combination of physical and mental activities that help me stay focused and productive.

Before I do anything in the morning – I have CrossFit from 5-6:15am or 6:15-7:00am.

In the morning, I like to start my day with a class of water and some light stretching exercises. This helps me wake up my body and prepare it for the day ahead. After that, I spend a few minutes journaling to clear my mind and attempt to get my thoughts in order.

Then comes the white-board To-Do list that perches on my desk:

  • Do Fabulous Routine
  • Take Meds
  • Clean
  • Litter
  • Vacuum
  • Take Ginkgo Outside
  • Take Kuby Outside
  • Go Outside and read, write, or chill
  • Read
  • Write
  • Blog
  • Do something fun
  • Call Shelter
  • Call IEBPA

Once I am fully awake, I dive into my work tasks. I prioritize my most important and challenging tasks first, as I find that I am most focused and alert in the morning. I set specific goals for the day and break them down into smaller, manageable tasks.

Challenging task: write my next novel, eat, drink
Less Challenging: Blog, Writing, Cleaning
Moderately Challenging: Litterbox, Vacuum, Mop
Least Challenging: Take Cats Outside, Read, Go Outside, Dance, and Cook Meals.

I.E. Don’t write an entire novel in a single day. Go chapter be chapter, or even better – page by page – word by word.

Throughout the day, I make sure to take short breaks to stretch, walk around, and give my eyes a rest from the screen. This helps me maintain my energy levels and stay refreshed. I also make it a point to stay hydrated by keeping a bottle of water nearby.

In the evenings, I unwind by engaging in hobbies and activities that I enjoy. This could be reading a book, practicing a musical instrument, or spending time with loved ones. I believe that it is essential to have moments of relaxation and leisure to recharge and find inspiration.

Before bed, I follow a nighttime routine that includes, reading a book, and practicing deep breathing exercises. This helps me relax and prepare for a restful night’s sleep.

Overall, my daily habits are designed to promote balance, productivity, and well-being. By incorporating these routines into my daily life, I find that I am able to stay organized, focused, and maintain a positive mindset. For the most part.

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