Daily Prompt #32

If you were forced to wear one outfit over and over again, what would it be?

My birthday suit!

I joke like I don’t actually wear the same thing everyday. I basically live in my gym clothes because I workout everyday. Starting at 5am until 7am I am inside the chamber co-committing acts of heinous group torture, CrossFit.

In that line of thinking, I essentially only own fitness wear. It is called Athleisure for a reason, after all. However! I do own a lot of variety in athletic wear. Plenty of different leggings and tanks to choose from.

Sans heels please

Alas, on a day when a real bra is required, business wear, or dinner wear; I am left to flounder on my closet floor, mouth-agape in a wide-eyed horror as I slowly realize that I will have to grace the crowds with yet again the same business suit. Look, my priorities are elsewhere – not focused on whether or not the people agree with what brand, what style, what fit of clothing I choose. I prefer the stretchy one-size-fits-many clothes.

If you damned me to wear athleisure for eternity, now that is a Hell I would welcome. 😂

One response to “Daily Prompt #32”

  1. I wear athletic clothes quite often because I’m fat and that’s a type of outfit they make a lot for fatter people (women usually) and since I have gender dysphoria, wearing particular items and designs of clothing makes me stick out and look pretty or equivalent and make people want to gender me more, and athletic clothes don’t do that.

    Half of my wardrobe is just tee shirts, leggings, shorts, sweatpants, and the works.

    They’re also very comfortable to wear.☺️

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