Yesterday, I was able to pick up my new leg braces that were designed to give me more support in my hip region to help stop the swagger I’d adopted throughout the years.

Honey… I look like a transformer. Straight up.

You see the lower portion of the brace? The part holding my calf and foot? Yeah, that piece is what I was using prior to being casted for these.


My orthotist exclaimed, “You look like a snake standing in a shoe! You’re all over the place!”

He was right, I’d adopted a sideways-shuffle-sway akin to reeds bending in there wind. To the left… To the right… Bring it around town…

Remember in one of my recent posts that I mentioned needing new shoes? It turns out that a pair of “wheelchair shoes (I don’t walk in them)” fit my new braces perfectly.

I feel like Robocop, but a vertically sturdy knockoff version of Robocop.

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