Daily Prompt #25

What is your favorite season of year? Why?

I love the Spring. It is the season of newness. It is the season of fertility, and of growth. The season when what was dormant for the winter, reemerges anew from frosted-wedged earth.

It is a gift to have the opportunity to witness the birth and growth of the lands around us. As during most seasons, the ground is beneath us – trodden down to the roots, to the mud. Yet, in spring, it is our hands that till the soil, plant new life, and tend to what already lives. In the spring, humanity and the earth join forces to create new life. Homunculi aside 😂

Pennsylvania is known for its harsh winters, cold summers, and grey skies. Spring and early summer become the harbingers of sun and warmth. They announce the entrance of the sun beckoning those from darkened homes, cold with the lack of the sun and it´s penetrating rays.

Spring is the true beginning of the warm season. The beginning of the happy season, in my opinion. I can’t wait for spring. Every single year.

My most favorite part of spring is the animal activity. Animals are busy establishing new territory, mating, and creating safe places for their young. It is a busy, bustling season for them, and an entertaining, actualizing season for myself.

Simple. Springtime is beautiful.

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  1. Spring time in North Carolina is diet summer. It’s ridiculously hot during that time. Global Warming recently made it a little colder, but usually it’s 70-80 during the spring. Even winter here can be 70-80 degrees. I swear I live in hell some weeks.😭

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