Daily Prompt #24

What’s the oldest thing you own that you still use daily?

I really had to think about this. Which answers the question. I use my body everyday. It is 30 years old and easily the most used thing each day.

Aside from that, the next oldest item that I use is either my computer mouse or my Nike shoes.

I got my PC mouse in 2012 and my Nikes in 2017. I have two of the same PC mouse. I bought a second one in 2015 only to learn that I didn’t need it yet. So it’s just been hanging out in my desk drawer.

My shoes are falling apart but they are the most comfortable shoes that fit over my leg braces. Sure, they are beginning to come apart, but they are my favorite shoes. I won’t discard them until they rip apart.

I am getting new leg braces tomorrow, and this means new shoes. My six year old shoes will finally retire.

5 responses to “Daily Prompt #24”

  1. Good luck with your new braces and maybe new shoes (?). I have a collection of shoes but none of them are comfortable. Sometimes you find “the one” and you wear them until they look homeless. I’ll get new shoes if whatever I’m wearing, you can feel the stones or they split. I still don’t shop online. But, for someone you would think has old stuff, most of my things are new.

  2. 😂 Not you putting your body. I feel you.

    I never would have thought to ask a question like that. I don’t know my oldest items. I’m an emotional hoarder so I hoard items but if someone asked me when I got it I would be confused, but if they asked me about the object, I could ramble.

    1. This is so true! I actually struggled to answer this prompt because I couldn’t remember when I got everything haha. Yet ask specifics, and you’ll need a muzzle to shut me up! I chose my body as the easy way out lol

      1. 😂😂

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