Daily Prompt # 21

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Daily writing prompt
How do you want to retire?
I believe that the concept of retirement is a relatively shitty concept. We pine for those years of rest and relaxation after spending many decades putting in some back-breaking, mind-numbing, emotionally damaging, or downright awful work for a few (hundred) dollars at the end of the month.

We have approximately 80-100 years on this rock. Most people spend 33% of their lives working. This equates to one third of a human life spent toiling over a job that only benefits one monetarily.

Globally, only 50% of the workforce is satisfied with their job. 4 billion people are unsatisfied with their job. That means that only 1 out of every 2 people are satisfied with their job. Pretty stark statistics when one takes the globe into consideration versus the United States.

Tang Ping – Lying Flat Movement: The “lying flat” movement is a social movement and lifestyle that rejects professional demands and societal expectations, such as long working hours, materialism, and marriage. It is inspired by the idea that a chive lying flat cannot be reaped, meaning to refuse to be exploited or participate in the rat race. It is mainly followed by Chinese young people and millennials, especially in the technology industry, who are disillusioned with the rewards of their work. It started in April 2021 when a post on Baidu titled “Lying Flat Is Justice” went viral, sharing the author’s experience of living simply and care-free for two years.

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I fully support this movement and have been an active member of the movement for several years. When I became disabled in 2011, I found it particularly difficult to find work in my backwoods town. Once I realized that jobs did not want to hire me, nor did they respect my abilities and intellect – I was done. If they don’t want what I have to offer. Then I will do it myself.

And I am.

I chose to prioritize by importance. My happiness is of utmost importance. As Epictetus would say, “The essence of philosophy is that a person should so live that their happiness shall depend as little as possible on external things.”

This includes the dredges of greasing the societal cogs by maintaining a job in an industry that cares little about those doing the greasing. I have decided to become an author that works from home doing other things on the side. It works for me. I am happier than ever, and as far as I am concerned – this is retirement. I am happy.

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  1. In this society, it is very difficult to have any health issues that may require an employer to alter from their normal routine. It also takes special friends to support you, in those trying times. That’s when you find who’s your real friends. We’ve all been in those times and it’s lonely and dark. You found a solution and that’s something to be recognized. I’m not sure I’m understanding the full concept. Just let me remark, “the remaining string beans went bad”. No, that has nothing to do with anything. Lol. Your writing is refreshing. Thank you.

    1. Thank you so much! I love your random lines, they are refreshing. I like string beans though! I have found a way of living that works best for me and it is a lovely life. More adventure is on the horizon 🙂

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