Daily Prompt #22

What notable things happened today?

Today hasn’t been incredibly notable. I woke up, and drew breath. That’s always notable.

My home-health nurse came this morning to change the needle in my medi-port, and unfortunately – it clotted off. Thus the long wait for the medical supply company to send out clot-buster.

Therefore, I must wait to infuse my important antibiotics until after the medication arrives, and with that, another nurse. It is very frustrating, but one benefit is that I can take a full shower without worrying about getting the dressing over the needle wet.

On a brighter note, I took the boys for their respective jaunts around the building, streets, and wherever else they chose to adventure to. They are really good boys, and they love their outdoor time.

The new Cat Cafe in town is opening soon. I have been impatiently awaiting its arrival, so this is awesome. I cannot wait to go over and play with all of the kitties.

It is something I am passionate about – cats. I love them. So much so, that I have been working on getting certified in Cat Behavior. There are hardly any of them in the country let alone in our tiny town.

Today was also gifted with good friends and fun conversation. It is always a great day when the most notable parts are positive.

8 responses to “Daily Prompt #22”

  1. Have you watched any of ‘Call me Kat’? I think that’s how they spell it. It’s set in a cat cafe. The late Leslie Jordan was in it.

    1. Oh wow! I have not, but now I will! Thank you!

      1. You’re welcome

  2. Ooo cat behavior? Is that a degree?

    1. No but I think I can get a certification in it 😊

      1. That’s so cool! I wish you luck! You’ll be the certified cat whisperer!

      2. Thank you! People already call me a cat whisperer and that’s what encouraged me to get certified 😂

      3. That’s neat! I’m afraid of cats but they’re so cute.

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