Daily Prompt #20

Daily writing prompt
Describe one of your favorite moments.

I have so many to choose from, thankfully, but one of my favorites would be when my cat, Gingko, chose me the day I went to the shelter looking for an Emotional Support Cat. I have terrible anxiety, and it was 2021 – still during extreme social distancing. We did not have any classes in person at the university, so the only human contact I had was with friend across the hall, now roommate, and his friends.

The quiet had become suffocating in the short time that I had been alone at the university – only a month – yet it felt like a trillion years. It was nearly my birthday. I asked my grandmother, “I think I want to adopt a cat for my birthday.”

So, the day before my birthday, we went to the local shelter and adopted Gingko le Stinko. I was looking at a few other cats, specifically all-black cats. I had my eyes on a tiny female, but when I looked over at my wheelchair – another black cat had taken roost. They claimed that “Spooky is a very friendly, young boy. We have others that are older that you can look at.”

I wanted no part of the other cats, as they had all veered away from my wheelchair if they weren’t already straight up freaked out.

“I want Spooky” I said, patting the slender obsidian feline.

“Happy birthday!” my grandma said as she paid his adoption fee.

It was one of the best birthday gifts I ever received, and still to this day I agree. Gingko has been with me at most sick points, and my high points. He is my adventure cat.

Have you ever walked a cat?

My grandmother gifted me with a best friend and companion. I don’t know if I would still be here if he wasn’t here to keep me going.

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  1. I’ve never seen someone walk a cat. This is so cute.😂

    1. Haha yeah. He’s a very special boy. He’s probably the most chill, adaptable cat I’ve ever had the pleasure of having

      1. Awwww.☺️☺️

    1. Pennsylvania 🌲🌲🌲

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