Daily Prompt #18

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Daily writing prompt
What are the most important things needed to live a good life?
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I wish I were joking, alas, I am not. Coffee gets me through the illegal hours of the day (between 12-7am) as well as calms any verbal assault that I had been planning for that morning (kidding). I am actually a morning person, but that is why coffee is so important, because I am not an evening person.

* Save for my gaming years when there were no bounds on the amount of time spent awake nor the duration of play or time of day. *

Which leads me spiraling into a rabbit hole of my introduction to gaming. The first video game I ever played was Beavis and Butthead on SNES. Then when I moved to my grandmother’s house, the internet had first been rolled out to our rural community. Being that it was only dial-up, every time the phone rang, I was booted from the server – the same is true for when my grandfather needed to run a credit card through the machine in his shop next door. It was “tough” but enough to kindle the fire of massively multiplayer online roleplaying games or MMORPG’s.

My first MMORPG was Ultima Online: Gold Edition. Following my interest in this game, I then bought and downloaded the original World of Warcraft shortly after it was released in 2004. The servers were incredibly full, but it functioned on our internet and that was all that mattered.

Following WoW, I then began playing pretty much any MMO that I could get my hands on. Then I found Dungeon’s and Dragons Online. This is a game that my friends and ex-husband would get together and have a LAN-party to play. Encircling our dorm coffee table as if we were feigning the identity of high-profile hackers. Alas, we were simply farming quests and endlessly rearranging our inventory bags.

I then began playing the Alpha for the Elder Scrolls Online, which led to Beta, Early Release, and this month, Necrom was released. I am still playing 10 years later. ßloodeagle is my username, if you want to grind some quests together!


CrossFit is hobby numero uno para mi. It is my favorite sport. I compete in it and have placed 1st in the US and 4th in the World this season in my division. I go at least four times a week, and workout at home on my days off to stay strong and mobile.


Aside from being my major outlet for stress, it is also my second family. Here there are people of all backgrounds and abilities. I am not judged for what I am unable to do, but celebrated for what I can do.

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I have gained confidence, family, reduced anxiety and stress, a strong body with musculature, and a support system. I can honestly say that without CrossFit, I am not sure I could get through each day.

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  1. These are so cool! I’ve never heard of CrossFit but I have heard of the other stuff.

    Coffee is so delicious but if I don’t drink decaf, I feel terrible.

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