Daily Prompt #13

Daily writing prompt
Describe one simple thing you do that brings joy to your life.

This is easy: spending time with my cats.

I mean, really, how could you not want to join in on this cuddle puddle? It looks soft and warm – inviting.

Truthfully, I vibe more with cats than most people. A lot of times, they are the only companions I can talk to about some of the shit I endure on the daily. They don’t judge and listen unconditionally. As a matter of fact, neurodivergent individuals often claim that they are closer to their pets than most if not all humans. I agree.

There is literally nothing better than coming home after a long day… or in my case, leaving my computer, and having two 15-pound furballs screaming for your attention and lap-space.

Gingko le Stinko, my Havana Brown, was adopted 2/2/21 as an emotional support animal for me while I was reintegrating into college after a seven-year break and the pandemic. He was and still is, my lifeline.

Kuby de Homeslice is a fat, orange, American Shorthair. He has the longest tail I have ever seen on a cat and his fur is spongey. I know. It is a weird way to describe the texture of fur – or a cat – but it’s true. When you pick him up, he feels like he has a spongey give to his body. It is a really cool feeling.

Gingko is the more aloof of the two, he prefers to love on his own terms and from afar some days. However, he absolutely adores going outside for long walks in his stylish, highlighter-yellow harness and leash.

It’s no secret that I am a mega cat lover. No secret at all. I routinely receive cat-themed gifts yearly due to this obsession and I couldn’t be a happier human being. Truthfully, if you told me I could live forever with cats – I would probably just melt in place.

I love cats so much, that I desperately want to foster in the future as well as get a cat behaviorist certification so that I can help others with their cats so that they don’t end up in the shelter or on the streets or worse. People are shitty sometimes. I want to help negate the shittiness and be there before anything shitty happens.

In short, cuddling with my massive cats.

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  1. My eyes have been blessed.🥺

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