Daily Prompt #12

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Daily writing prompt
How do you know when it’s time to unplug? What do you do to make it happen?
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I know it is time to unplug when the pull of the outside is stronger than my motivation to do anything else. However, I believe that unplugging should occur every day at the same time as a routine. A way of winding down after a very long day at work, or home, or just a long-ass day. We need not have a reason to immerse ourselves in nature. It should be as routine as a shower. Think of it as a nature shower. Showering oneself in the bounties of the natural world. The sounds, smells, sights, and yes – even the tastes of the outside world.

The fruits of the Nature-Tree are innumerable: be it the flow of the wind regulating your mental flow or the chirping of cicadas in the early morning sunrise pacing with your breathing as you draw in a deep meditative breath. The outdoors is not a place to escape to once in a while – it is a place that should become a permanent place in your life and routine.

I remember as a kid, I barely spent any time indoors. I spent most of the waking hours in our few-acre-woods with my two younger cousins. We would spend hours playing various make-believe games from: house to school and war to cowboys. It was a different scene everyday with the woods transforming around us like the set of a movie – changing as we moved along in our fictional storyline.

“Get the horses,” I might yell.

“Watch out for the enemies, and keep your bow up – they are gonna get us!”

or, “You have 90 chapters of homework and 7 worksheets due in ten minutes.”

little boy riding hobby horse
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It was a new place every day, a new world. It was what kept my little mind inquisitive and imaginative. Being outside shaped my soul and my spirituality. I am very much a follower of nature-worship because without the Earth – there would be no humanity. Without trees, no oxygen. Without water, no life. I take time every day to appreciate the beauty of the world around me both macroscopic and microscopic.

Appreciate the little beauty, the hidden beauty, the beauty of life.

green aurora lights over rocky shore during night time
Photo by stein egil liland on Pexels.com

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